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School Safety Topics

In K-12 Classrooms

The health and safety of our schools reflect that of our communities, and ultimately, our State. Whether you are an educator, a parent or a concerned citizen, we invite you to explore the topics that impact school safety for grades K-12.

Maryland law requires all schools K-12 to have current school safety plans and procedures in place. High-quality safety plans encompass the prevention, protection, mitigation, response to and post crisis recovery from a variety of potential threats and emergency situations. These encompass natural and man-made hazards, security issues and a broad spectrum of human safety-related topics. But these are not a government and schools-only issues. They are community issues, and all Marylanders with a stake in our children's education would benefit by understanding these topics.

Alcohol & Underage Drinking


Classroom Management

Depression & Suicide Prevention

Digital Safety & Cyber-bullying

Emergency Preparedness

Gender Bias & LGBTQ


Human Trafficking

Sexual Harassment

Substance Abuse

Transportation Safety

Violence and Gangs