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The Escalation Workshop

2015 Source: Yeardley Reynolds Love Foundation

One Love’s first big initiative, Escalation, has been hailed as a game-changer in personalizing the issue of relationship violence and its risk. Designed to engage students more deeply and emotionally on the topic of relationship violence, Escalation is completely different from traditional classroom curriculum. This innovative feature-film workshop for high school and college students piloted with university partners in Fall 2014. One Love is currently rolling out the curriculum across the nation, with over 100 university partners planned for 2015.

Yeardley Reynolds Love Foundation

One Love's goal is to end relationship violence by engaging young people in a movement for change.  We develop compelling educational content that sparks new and novel discussions among workshop participants, inspiring them to work together to affect change in their communities. At every step, we empower young people as the critical leaders of this movement, uniquely suited to mobilize a generation towards a brighter future where relationship violence is far less prevalent.