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The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery

K12 College
2015 Source: Cornell University

The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery (previously known as the “Cornell Research Program on Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults”) was launched in 2003 to understand what was then widely believed to be a new and emerging behavior among youth and adults. Since that time we have conducted multiple studies on a wide variety of topics and have begun the process of translating what we and others have learned into user friendly materials for individuals who injure as well as those who live with, care about, and work with them. We have been graced with the assistance and support of many people along the way – key staff, affiliated researchers, educators, and clinicians, and many students. In some cases, their contributions remain visible through their names on publications and other materials the CRPSIR has produced. In other cases, their signatures remain evident only to those of us who have had the good fortune to work with them on building the infrastructure of the CRPSIR, on conducting our studies, or on translating these into user friendly materials.

Cornell University

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