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Teaching Students How to “Stand Up” to Bullying

2010 Source: The Conflict Resolution Education Connection

Bystanders are present in the majority of student-student bullying situations. Often, bystanders who witness bullying feel unsafe themselves, and don’t know how to stop the bullying and help the victim. However, bystanders can be taught a variety of “upstander” skills, so that they can safely interrupt bullying and create a peer culture of respect. Participants in this international webinar hosted by the Inter-American Teacher Education Network received instruction in how to teach and reinforce ten “upstander” strategies to students, ages 5-18.

The presenter is Christa M. Tinari, MA, a Safe Schools Specialist and a champion of whole-child education. A former Student Assistance Counselor, she has been training children and adults in the skills of peacemaking, for over 15 years. Ms. Tinari is founder of PeacePraxis Educational Services.

The Conflict Resolution Education Connection

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