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Grants & Resources


To complete the grant application you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader . To download the Adobe free software, click here.

Notice of Funding Availability - FY2020   

School Traffic Safety Enforcement Grant - NOFA

  • This grant is only available to law enforcement agencies.
  • Deadline:  **Deadline has passed**

Hate Bias Crimes Grant - NOFA

  • This grant is for non-public and private schools, child care centers as defined by Md. Code Ann., Education Art. §9.5-401, and Local School Systems which are determined to be at risk of hate crimes.
  • Deadline:  **Deadline has passed**

Safe Schools Fund Grant - NOFA

  • This grant is open to both local school systems and Non-public Special Education Schools.
  • Deadline:  **Deadline has passed**

School Resource Officer / Adequate Coverage Grant - NOFA

  • This grant is open to law enforcement agencies or local school systems. 
  • Local school systems and local law enforcement agencies are encouraged to form partnerships in the form of written memorandum of understanding (MOU) between both entities in order to prevent duplicate application submissions or missing applications.
  • A copy of the MOU must be submitted with application documents. 
  • Deadline:  **Deadline has passed**
***Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Email your questions to
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my organization is eligible for a particular grant?
  2.       Please refer to the “Who May Apply” section on the NOFA to see if your organization qualifies for a particular grant. You may also refer to the “Eligibility Criteria” on the NOFA to confirm if your organization is eligible to apply.

  3. My organization qualifies for more than one grant. Can I just submit one application?
  4.       A separate application is required for each grant type.

  5. Are these competitive grants?
  6.       The Center offers two competitive and two non-competitive grants:             Non-Competitive Grants (Safe Schools Fund, SRO / Adequate Coverage Grant)             Competitive Grants (Hate Bias Crimes Grant, School Traffic Safety Enforcement grant)

  7. Will my application be reviewed on a first come first serve basis?
  8.       Except for the non-competitive grants, all applications will be reviewed after the deadline for submission has been reached.

  9. What if I have more questions after reviewing the NOFA?
  10.       You may reach out to the Center at 410 281 2335 or send an email inquiry to

  11. Can I print out the application form and fill it out by hand?
  12.       The application form is an electronic fillable form. This means you can directly type in the information being requested on the form itself without having to print it out. Once completed, follow the instructions outlined under Application Requirements (Page 2) on the application form and save your file using the same naming concept outlined.

  13. My organization is a local school system. How do I know how much I am eligible to apply for?
  14.       Local school systems and nonpublic special education schools are both eligible to apply for the Safe Schools Fund Grant. Since this is not a competitive grant, the allocation for each local school system and nonpublic special education school is provided in the NOFA for the Safe Schools Fund Grant. Please refer to the “Allocation” section on the Safe Schools Fund Grant NOFA for the allocated amount for your institution.

  15. How can I check the status of my application?
  16.       All applications received will be reviewed after the deadline for each grant submission has been reached. Generally, an entity can expect a notice of grant award approval/denial within 30-days after the deadline for submission has been reached. Please refer to the “Important Dates” section in your NOFA for a more specific idea about when you can expect response about the status of your application. You may also reach out to the Center directly at 410 281 2335 to inquire about the status of your application.

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