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Work Plan 2019

Maryland School Safety Advisory Board

2019 Work Plan

Background: The Safe to Learn Act of 2018 ยง 7-1504 established the School Safety Subcabinet Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides the School Safety Subcabinet with advice and assists the Subcabinet in completing its duties.

During the January 2019 Subcabinet meeting, the Subcabinet tasked the Advisory Board to develop a work plan for 2019 that outlines specific topic areas for discussion and outputs or outcomes for each of their monthly meetings.

In the February 2019 Advisory Board meeting, the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) staff lead the Advisory Board through a work session to begin the development of this 2019 Work Plan.

The Advisory Board 2019 Work Plan outlines the specific topic areas and outputs for the next ten months. This is a road map of discussion topics and may be altered by the Subcabinet as needed.


Process Flow:


Discusses recommendations from Advisory Board to drive decision making.

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Advisory Board

Problem solves topics and provides appropriate outcomes to Subcabinet.

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Reviews Advisory Board's next meeting work plan topic and objectives. Makes adjustments as needed. 

Work plan chart image for the advisory board